Quake 3 HD

About this application

This application demonstrates what can be achieved using Minko, our 3D engine for the Flash Platform taking advantage of the Stage3D API. The scene is a Quake 3 map loaded at runtime, featuring:

  • BSP file format parser
  • Potentially Visible Set (PVS) optimized rendering
  • complex physics for spheres, boxes and convex volumes using BSP trees
  • light mapping using fragment shaders
  • materials substitution at runtime
  • dynamic materials using SWF and the Flash workflow
  • first person camera system


  • Arrows: Move
  • Mouse: Look around
  • F: Toggle fullscreen
  • M: Switch between render modes (normal, lightmaps only, diffuse only)


  • HD textures provided by the ioquake3 project.
  • The "Quake 3" trademark is the property of iD Software. All rights reserved.