The Mirage: shoot flying saucers with your smartphone!

Posted on February 27th, 2012 by Jean-Marc Le Roux

“Somewhere in the European sky, the French Air Force made a terrible discovery that will upset the world. Flying saucers are about to destroy our world generic zoloft. Citizen of the Earth, it’s time for you to join “The Mirage”. Only you can save mankind…”

If you like playing games or if you just like shooting flying saucers, “The Mirage” is for you. It’s a simple 3D multiplayer game achieved in 24 hours thanks to Minko and our talented team of engineers. “The Mirage” targets mobile devices (iPhone, iPad and Android) and web browsers.

You can also use your mobile device (iPhone or Android) as a game controller. And you don’t even need to install an app. to do that! Thanks to Orbit, we were able to create this real-time experience right in the web browser of your smartphone with an HTML5 web application.


You don’t have to download anything, the game can be controlled with an HTML5 web application available directly in the browser for iOS and Android. The experience works on Wi-Fi and even 3G.

Try “The Mirage” now and share your score on Facebook!