Oculus Rex released: virtual reality and a T-Rex take their first step on the Web

Posted on October 27th, 2014 by Jean-Marc Le Roux

Virtual reality is more than a new concept; it is a science which settles down in your living rooms. After winning a Golden lion at Cannes and experimenting with holograms inspired by Iron Man at Futur en Seine, Aerys releases Oculus Rex: the very first full-web virtual reality experience powered by WebVR, the wannabe standard for VR on the web.


A brilliant and immersive experience

As a pioneer of VR on the Web, Aerys gives you the opportunity to relive the iconic chase scene of Jurassic Parkā„¢ between a T-Rex and a Jeep. Indeed, Oculus Rex is accessible in a few clicks through the WebVR version of the Google Chrome browser. Mount your Oculus Rift and get ready for a fun and thrilling experience!


When virtual reality meets social media

Thanks to its expertise in real-time 3D and modern web standards, Aerys created an immersive, accessible and social experience. Indeed, Oculus Rex is the very first commercial-grade VR experience that runs directly on the Web: no plugin to install or download. With spatialized audio and positional/orientation head tracking, the experience leverages the Oculus Rift at its fullest. So many elements that make the experience fully immersive and yet social thanks to the now classic Facebook/Twitter/Google+ sharers to challenge your friends.


A very high Tech-Rex

By mastering modern web standards such as WebGL, WebAudio and now WebVR, Aerys turns Oculus Rex into a major innovation for both the open Web and virtual reality. Developed in C++11 with the Minko open-source 3D engine and powered by Mozilla’s ASM.js and Emscripten technologies, the 3D Web application performance is close to native. Strong of its expertise of Web standards and 3D, Aerys brings virtual reality to the web.

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