Laval Virtual 2015 Tech Reviews

Posted on May 27th, 2015 by Marina

5.000 professional visitors, 9.100 visitors on general public days… We were at the seventeenth International Exhibition of Laval Virtual and it was a successful event!


The presentation we made

Following BIM World 2015, our Minko platform allows users to:

■ Visualize 50+ 3D formats in real-time and on all screens (Web, smartphones and tablets),

■ Share their 3D models up to 200x faster: 0 download/install required,

■ Collaborate with their team or the rest of the world with 3D annotations (texts, links, audio, videos, PDFs…),

(+1) ■ Filter the 3D models according to metadata and add clipping planes.

These new features are available very soon. You can now create your free account and test the platform with your 3D models here!

The experiences we loved testing

■ OSVR by Razer ( is a world leader in connected devices and software for gamers. They were here to introduce the OSVR kit, an open-source virtual reality headset for pushing the VR gaming experience forward. Thanks to a partnership with Razer, we may update our Minko solution so as to be compatible with OSVR!


■ Dive by Durovis ( is the world’s first and original hands-free smarthphone holder that allows you to get immersed into virtual reality. Made from high quality flexible nylon plastic, it is lighweight and comfortable. Two sizes : Tablets (7-inch) and mobiles, with Leap Motion support.


■ MiddleVR (  is a software company providing immersive virtual reality applications, tools and services. For engeneering, marketing, training, education and architecture/real estate/urban planning…


■ Birdly by Zurich University of Arts ( is an installation which explores the experience of bird in flight. It tries to capture the mediated flying experience, with several methods. The participant can control the simulator with his hands and arms, which directly correlates to the wings and the primary feathers of the bird.


■ Childhood ( a japanese project which allows users to put themself into a child’s shoes. It proposes a novel wearable suit that virtually realizes a child’s embodiment and experience while preserving the user’s interactions and perceptions.


Source photo: 20minutes


Here’s the videos from Laval Virtual 2015

More videos


Thank you for meeting us at our booth!

Stay tuned for more events! We’ll be back next year.