Aerys’ cause is to build software to help humanity reach the next level of civilization in a sustainable way.

To build software

We are a software company.

Software is not just programs running on computers. Anything that is not hardware is software. Our management is software. The way we act as a team and with the rest of the world is software. And we design, build and maintain each of those with care.

When we’ve eliminated everything that is impossible, what remains – however improbable – must be the truth. Grounded in engineering and science, the company is managed with a strict no-nonsense policy.

Facts always matter more than opinions. Each and every one of us is not only entitled but also encouraged to have, nurture and express her/his own opinions. But we ground our collaboration among ourselves and with the rest of the world in a common, shared and as objective as possible description of the universe. As local and short lived our definition of truth might be, it can only be challenged by our quest for knowledge through facts, experimentation and science.

We are not tied to a single and only physical place. We are not tied to a culture but our own. We aim at recruiting talents, wherever they are. And we need not to convert or incentivize applicants. We must only focus on welcoming and nurturing those who pledge to join our cause.

To help humanity

What we build must be of service. No matter how far we dare to dream, each work must also be focused on delivering value today and to someone other than ourselves first.

What we build must service humanity. Humanity as a whole, with no distinction of race, color, gender or belief. We are blind to anything that divides us and we strive to eliminate things that might set us apart. No only from each other as a team, but also from the rest of humanity.

We will work only with organizations that abide to laws written by legitimate and democratic governments. And the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.

Reaching the next level of civilization

The Kardashev scale defines 5 levels of civilizations. Humanity is currently on its way to become a level 1 civilization. We build software that is necessary to reach this target.

Necessary does not mean sufficient. We know our ambition implies collaboration – as opposed to competition – with other organizations. We do not compete with anyone but ourselves.

We thrive in the spirit of collaboration, not competition.

We make it a priority to maximize our revenues to fuel our capacity to build and ultimately transform our organization, our ecosystem and ultimately our civilization. Money is not an end but a mean.

Building things that work is not enough, and things that are done must be regarded as deprecated already. We thrive in our pursuit of excellence. In the pursuit of elegant solutions to complex problems. Our work is never done, and anything that works today must be broken by tomorrow’s standard.

In a sustainable way

We build things that last. The next quarter is not our priority. The next 40 years are. Or at least it’s a better start. Just as we design and build things bigger than ourselves today, we do so in a forward thinking and sustainable way that will endure the test of time.

Sustainability implies fairness. Fairness with our own but also with each person, group and organization of mankind. Sustainability also implies trust and stability over performance.

We do not do what is easy. We do what is right.

We do not go fast. We go steady.

We don’t take without giving back.