Babolat Play

Babolat Play is the world first connected tennis racket! Presented at the 2014 Cannes Lions international advertising competition, the project won a gold award in the “innovation” category. And that’s also a victory for Minko, the technology behind Babolat Play’s innovative and sexy data-visualization experience.


Designed by the Ogilvy Lab Paris and implemented by Aerys using Minko, the biggest challenge was to deliver the same meaningful, sexy and vibrant data-visualization experience on all devices. Using Minko, the team has successfully built a native (C++/OpenGL) 3D hardware-accelerated app that would run on mobiles (OpenGL ES), web browsers (HTML5/WebGL) and even cloud servers with the exact same source code.

To support older web browsers the native app is also running server-side, leveraging the power of the cloud to generate stills that can be shared on social media on the fly with uncompromised performances.


Babolat Play is a brilliant example of how hardware accelerated graphics can help creating meaningful data-visualization experiences.
With the new power brought by modern web browsers and Minko’s ubiquity, those experiences have the biggest reach ever. It’s also the definitive proof
that the collaboration between advertising agencies, such as Ogilvy France, and startups, such as Aerys, can lead to great success stories