Video Games Expo

Posted on October 28th, 2013 by Jean-Marc Le Roux

Both interactive and pedagogical, traditional exhibition and gameplay blend to allow novice and experienced players to discover a multifaceted gaming universe. Here’s a video (in French) about the exhibition that happened at “La Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie” (Paris, France):

Aerys used Minko to build an augmented reality experiment, in which you can take a picture of yourself in a costume of various famous video game characters (Ezio, Shepard, Sam Fisher…). Models were kindly provided by their respective owners.


Technically, depth capture is done thanks to a Kinect device and 3D rendering is powered by Minko. We also used a second camera to compensate the weak resolution of the Kinect RGB camera.

The exhibition is for everybody and is open until August 24, 2014.

Real-Time Motion Capture With Kinect And Minko

Posted on May 22nd, 2012 by Jean-Marc Le Roux

Last year we worked on a very innovative project made for Clan Campbell and Cabarey. The goal of the project was pretty simple: create a magic mirror where the users would see themselves disguised as knights. This magic mirror is just a big flat screen with an augmented reality application leveraging the power of Microsoft Kinect and Minko, our 3D technology.

You can check out the results in the video below:

It features live motion capture performed with a Kinect. It is used to fetch the 3D coordinates of the hands, shoulders, hip, knees and feet of the users. The application uses this real-time data to create a live 3D skeleton of each user zoloft medication. Each skeleton is then filled with 3D meshes and the rendering is done with Minko. It was our first experience with the Kinect.

A lot of things could be improved but we are very happy to have such decent results for a first version. We believe Kinect is a real game changer as far as augmented reality is concerned. We hope this is only the first application of many to come!

If you want to create such experiences you just have to contact us!